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Who Controls Your Nervous System When You Get Triggered?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Counseling tips and techniques for emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth.

Life is an endless series of stimulus, which are our perceptions of the world from moment to moment. The challenge many of my clients have is what happens within them, between the stimulus and the choice they make.

Depending on how you have programmed your inner software, you will have a proclivity to go in one direction or another, depending on the context of a situation.

Do you go down the low road of reactivity by making it about yourself and either shouting out or shutting down?

Or do you take the high road of responsiveness by making it about others and maintaining flow and flexibility in your nervous system?

When we face problems and challenges, we naturally go into our default mode and reply on autopilot to find and fix the challenge. The problem with that is we may be using the same patterns which got us there to begin with.

To think outside the box, we have to poke our head out of the boundary of a challenge, which can be quite uncomfortable. We humans generally do not like feeling uncomfortable as we prefer the comfortableness of what we know, which is the same thinking that got us in the stinking place we may find ourselves in.

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