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Does Your Partner Trigger Your Inner Child?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“Does your partner have an uncanny ability to trigger and awaken a younger version of you that is encased in unresolved pain and disempowered beliefs which has been trapped inside your inner world for years or decades?” -Glenn S. Cohen

One of the three intricate aspects of self is called our inner child. In Neurological Intelligence™ terms, our inner child is referred to as NUBs – neurological bundles of energy and information.

When we are not able to express and process an impactful neurological experience, the implicit memory aspect of the experience may not be integrated. This means the components of the unconscious implicit memory are free to associate and activate to a perception of something in the present and trigger the unresolvedness from the past, outside of our awareness. Implicit memory – our NUBs - which resides unconsciously has no concept of time or space and retrieves you, you do not retrieve it.

When our metaphorical inner child is stuck, frozen in time within the unlimited unconscious mind, it will impact our present state when we become triggered. This is especially true within our committed love relationship when the partners fits into the Imago Attachment Complex.

After a period of time, it seems like our partner has suddenly developed an uncanny ability to trigger us while figuratively holding up a mirror reflecting back to us the areas we need to heal and grow. This occurs with both partners and is the basis for the universal dualistic opportunity of the Imago Attachment Complex.

So, the next time you get triggered and become reactive with your partner, you now have two choices:

1) You can continue to live at effect, point your finger at your partner and blame them for the condition of your inner world while living as a victim.

2) Live at cause knowing your trigger is a mirror reflecting back to you the areas you need to examine and explore for your own healing and growth and thank your partner for helping you. As always, it’s your choice to choose!

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