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How to Change the Structure of Your Brain

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“Are you allowing the programming of your past to negatively influence your processing in the present and unconsciously determine the direction of your future?” -Glenn Cohen

For most of my life I felt like I would never be able to outrun the shadows of my past and find the light I so badly desired. It was not until I discovered the field of neuroscience that I began to understand how the human system actually operates. I then worked diligently for 15 years to develop a strategy which I could teach to others and apply to myself.

As we know through lots of scientific research, our nervous system is pliable. We can influence a change in the structure of our brain with intentional mindful repetition. It seems like many of the challenges people face within their inner world are the unconscious influences of prior programming.

Much like a supercomputer, which is programmed with the binary codes of 0’s & 1’s, we humans are programmed with E’s & I’s – Energy and Information. From our time in the womb until our adult lives, we are constantly being bombarded by sensory data which in the early years, went unfiltered into our unconscious mind. During these formative years, we were sponges adopting information, absorbing energy and modeling behavior.

Today, I plead with all my clients who begin this process to heal the unresolved and grow into their next highest version of self. I share with them to not focus on what happened to them, that’s a story. Instead, focus on their inner world and discover what happened within their nervous system that led them to have stuck energy that was not digested and information that became a virus in their unconscious programming.

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