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Are You Neurologically Addicted to Your Disempowered Patterns?

Counseling tips and techniques for emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth.

How many times have you made a promise to yourself and ended up breaking that promise? The promises I am referring to here are the ones we know we need to keep that are healthy for our mind, body and soul.

This vicious cycle of inner conflict is a result of unresolved neurological wounding from the past. When our nervous system has been fractured for years or decades, we live each day with a sense of unresolvedness within. We don’t feel whole, and we have a general sense of unease in our soul. This may lead us to either run from or numb the uncomfortable emotions and body sensations.

Over the years we develop a story littered with fear and shame beliefs about the self which we come to believe is our identity. When we unconsciously re-enact to re-enforce the disempowered beliefs, we form our addiction. This state of being becomes our comfort zone where we justify, excuse, rationalize and cajole our story to prove our story right and keep our identity intact, even though it causes us suffering within.

What is your favorite pattern of addiction? Is it alcohol, cigarettes, work, drugs, shopping, exercise, gambling, sex, etc.? Whatever disempowered pattern you adopted; know you have the power to change any pattern. I support you today to have the courage to make a new promise to yourself and follow through to break the suffering cycle. Be mindful to bring the unconscious conscious, sit with that which is uncomfortable and resolve the unresolved.

Make a conscious choice today to love yourself and honor your magnificence so you give yourself permission to grow into the next highest version of yourself.

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