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Do You Respond or React to Your Experiences?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Counseling tips and techniques for healing and growth.

Did you know that 90% of how you make sense of your inner and outer world is unconscious?

Did you also know that your unconscious mind will actualize that which your conscious mind chooses to believe?

We are continually in the process of programming and reprogramming our unconscious references. The route of the references which filter our sensory data will form the basis for how we make sense of and assign meaning to our perception in the present. This will directly influence whether we respond or react to our experience.

The questions are, depending on the context of the situation:

1) Is the meaning you assign empowered disempowered?

2) Does the meaning you assign serve you or cause you to suffer in some way.

Have you ever gotten triggered and the next day wondered how in the world you made sense of something the night before that caused you to think, talk and act like a child or a reptile? I have a quote I share with my clients, “Protect Your ID!” Your ID is your internal dialogue, it is the most precious aspect of self you own and can control. Please treat it with loving kindness!


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