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  1. understanding our neurology or “wiring"

  2. identifying our cycles of suffering

  3. healing through changing the meanings we assigned in the past, expressing emotions, and integrating memory

  4. transforming our journey of life to include a compelling future and new identity. 

During our journey in life, we are challenged to learn, stretch, and grow.  In these times, we may struggle with recurring cycles of negativity, obstruction, conflict, and turmoil in our relationships with ourselves and others.  We may feel stuck, lost, uncomfortable in our own skin, or distracted and confused by the cacophony of voices from our inner commentators, with their own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.


It is my perspective that we are not effectively taught the basics of our personal neurology in the school and family context.  Since 2003, it has been my mission to develop an operating manual and strategy for people to educate themselves.  Gaining Neurological Intelligence® begins with an understanding of how our nervous system is formed and programmed, why it operates on repeating patterns, and how to change disempowered patterns that cause us to suffer.


I developed the term Neurological Intelligence® to represent the knowledge and functioning of our neurological networks and the impact it has on our inner and outer worlds.  Developing Neurological Intelligence® begins with awareness and understanding of four neurological cycles:


1 - Sensory Perception Cycle explains how you process sensory data and how that influences your perception.  Energy and information are unconsciously transferred during the wiring phases of childhood whereby you absorb energy, adopt information, and model others’ behavior.  This cycle is ongoing throughout life. 


Different types of impactful neurological experiences (INEs) form when you perceive – in a real or imagined way – that your primal attachment needs of safety, certainty, and trust are threatened, violated, or ruptured.  When not expressed, processed, and integrated, INEs may form neurological bundles (NUBs) of energy and information that get stuck in your nervous system, creating and manifesting disempowered patterns which can cause you to suffer in some way.


2 - Core Identity Cycle involves how you assign meaning to corresponding emotions early in life.  We learn about your meaning assigning pattern (MAP) and the influence it has on the formation of your unconscious references of evaluation.  You may develop empowered or disempowered belief systems which may form your identity – who you think you are and how you fit into the world – based on reinforced associations. 


This cycle may also be initiated in adulthood when we have impactful neurological experiences such as a divorce, financial ruin, death of a loved one, etc.   We discover how and why certain cycles may be unresolved, leading to the creation of emotional burdens, the Imago-Attachment Complex, and harmful family legacies.


3 - Associate & Activate Cycle shows how you react or respond to potentially triggering stimuli in the present.  If your unconscious mind senses some form of “danger” – real or imagined - you may then associate the present moment to an unresolved Core Identity Cycle and activate your nervous system.  If the cycle has a high enough energetic potential, you may experience when "Shift Happens,” wherein you activate the next cycle and follow patterns of protection and reactivity.


4 - Triggered Protective Cycle encompasses the stories you tell yourself and the energy inherent within the cycle.  You will learn about the specific language patterns involved and the levels of judgment at the core of the story.  You will come to understand the importance of nonverbal communication signals, the impact these have on your perceptions, and how you make sense of the present moment. 


You get to know your personalities of offensive and defensive strategies (PODS) and their positive protective intentions.  Finally, you identify your PODS’ "weapons of choice” – behaviors you default to when you become reactive, as well as the consequences these have on yourself and others in the present moment.


Gaining Neurological Intelligence® involves two steps:  The Re-Claiming Journey® and The Re-Claiming Process®.  The Re-Claiming Journey® entails understanding the four neurological cycles and the impact these have on our lives.  We also learn tools and techniques for how to use our mind to affect changes in our brain.  The Re-Claiming Process® involves eight experiential steps for people to go inside to reveal, release, and resolve aspects of the nervous system that are disempowered, stuck, and frozen in time.


Since becoming a Neurological Life Coach in July of 2003, I have made it my mission to study, research, and collate the finest methods from the best leaders in the fields of various therapy modalities, from the workings of the inner child to codependency, trauma, EMDR, neuroscience, attachment, EFT, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, etc.  I embarked on an inspiring journey to figure out how to combine all that I learned, in addition to my professional experiences with coaching & counseling clients, into a practical method that is efficient and effective. 


It is my belief, supported by the transformations and testimonials of my clients, that when people trust the process and allow the application of these methods to work for them, they get life-changing results.  Those who make a choice to be mindfully present, non-judgmental, open, and flexible enjoy the results of their work.  They are then able to explore their inner worlds to access their unconscious mind and change disempowered patterns.  It is my honor to assist people in honing their Neurological Intelligence® and guiding them through the steps involved in affecting the positive changes they desire. 

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