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In the Re-Claiming Process®, we explore your unlimited inner world to become aware of any neurological wounding and uncover unresolved neurological bundles that represent your inner children. 


We use NI strategies, tools and techniques to lead you through a conscious–unconscious process where we express, process and integrate the nervous system. 


This restores functionality and flow back to the inner system and reclaims the innate original wholeness referred to as our mindful empowered self.


The Re-Claiming Process® is designed for anyone who’s inspired to dig deep and begin to do their inner work.  In order to learn, stretch, heal, grow, and update your human operating system, you must do so from the inside out. 


This process will lead you to live with a quiet mind, loving heart, peaceful soul, and calm body. It will also allow you to enjoy happy, healthy, harmonious relationships with others and yourself.

Once you learn and practice the NI strategies, tools, and techniques, you will be ready to perform neurological surgery on yourself as you make your way through all 8 steps of the Re-Claiming Process®. These steps include guided meditations and exercises to resolve the unresolved, transform disempowered patterns and/or direct your future to obtain desired goals.


You’ll have the ability to impact the software of your inner computer so your patterns work for you instead of against you. You cannot change the content of what happened to you but you can change the context—what happened within you.


So, are you ready to engage in a process to heal whatever remains unresolved in your inner world and stop the negative cycles you have been experiencing in your relationships with others and yourself?  Are you ready to learn a new empowered way to live your life?   Are you ready to show up and step up your efforts to achieve your hopes, dreams, and goals? This is your time, here, right now. Let’s begin!

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