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The Journey You Want vs The Journey You NEED

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Counseling tips and techniques for emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth.

It’s interesting how many of my clients do not realize, yet, that the journey they are on is not the one they wanted, but the one that is needed.

Somehow and someway, coincidences occur that lead people to encounter challenges which are meant to have them look in the mirror, awaken an unresolved aspect of self and shake up their beliefs.

I refer to these magical moments as neurological growth factors that if one chooses, can lead them on a journey to transform into the next highest version of themselves.

The challenge we have is many times, we ignore the reflection in the mirror, suppress being awakened and stubbornly hold onto our disempowered beliefs. When this happens, we resist the call to grow, and our challenge will persist.

We become humble and crumble, we answer the call, surrender to the calling, and accept the challenge to venture into that which is uncertain, and uncomfortable.

The perseverance and courage to remain present and non-judgmental as we endeavor into the unknown is the journey which leads us to discover our Mindful Empowered self.

My journey which was chosen for me has taken me places I could have never imagined when I began in July 2003.

It was my struggle of inner suffering that drove me to study the best of the best, create the Center for Neurological Intelligence™ and a process to help others resolve their inner suffering.

I hope my forthcoming book will help you on your journey to get out of your own way, so you heal the unresolved and grow into the next highest version of yourself.

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