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Why We Should Focus on the Context vs Content of What Happened Within

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Counseling tips and techniques for emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth.

From the time we are born until our early adult life, we are faced with many kinds of experiences both positive and negative. Unfortunately, the negative experiences can have a profound impact on our nervous system and our lives.

These impactful neurological experiences can range from seemingly minor incidents to major traumas. What is interesting is sometimes the minor incidents that occur repeatedly over time can have a major impact on our nervous system. We seem to dismiss them as no big deal even when the resulting dysfunctional patterns we adopt cause us to suffer in some way in our adult life.

Remember, it’s not so much what happened to you (content), as it is with what happened within you (context) and the impact our unconscious patterns are having on the relationship with oneself, our loved one, children and others.

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