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Are Your Thoughts Empowered or Disempowered?

Counseling tips and techniques for emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth.

In today’s world, I imagine most of us are aware that we have to protect our ID – our online identity from mischievous malware and other forms of cyber criminals.

Well, I am curious, are you just as mindful to protect your most precious ID – Your Internal Dialogue?

We all have conversations with ourselves in our head and sometimes there are multiple commentators vying for our attention.

The questions are:

Is the language you are listening to empowered or disempowered?

Does the narrative of the story have you focused on what you want or do not want?

Are you getting your needs meet in a fulfilling or draining way?

The key question of evaluation is whether the language within the narrative of your mini-series is serving you or causing you to suffer?

Sometimes, we establish unconscious patterns for our Inner Dialogue where we believe everything we tell ourselves.

So, please protect you ID and be mindful not to get caught by a disempowered thought.

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